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Seminar: April 15th, 2024

¿Es posible contrarrestar la banalización del espacio

público? Una perspectiva desde la cultura

Mario Calabresi (Milan, Italy – 1970) is a prominent Italian writer and journalist. He has been editor of the newspapers La Stampa (2009-2015) and La Repubblica (2016-2019). Enrolled in Law and History at the State University of Milan, and subsequently trained as a journalist at the Carlo de Martino Institute. Among his most notable publications are the texts “La fortuna non esiste” (2009), “Cosa tiene accese le stelle” (2011), “Non temete per noi, la nostra vita sarà meravigliosa” (2014), “La mattina dopo” (2019), “Una volta sola” (2022) and “A occhi aperti” (2023). In 2023 “Salir de la noche” (originally published in Italy in 2007), a book in which Mario Calabresi investigates the murder of his father, Luigi Calabresi, during the so-called “years of lead” in Italy, was translated into Spanish for the first time. 

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