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Seminar: April 15th, 2024

¿Es posible contrarrestar la banalización del espacio

público? Una perspectiva desde la cultura

Elvira Lindo (Cádiz, Spain – 1962) is a Spanish writer and journalist. After studying Philosophy and Letters, she began her career in radio and television. Recognized for her series of novels about the character Manolito Gafotas, adapted to film and television, she has published numerous works over the years, among which the most recent are “Lugares que no quiero compartir con nadie” (2011), “A corazón abierto” (2020) and “En la boca del lobo” (2023). In February 2021 she was elected president of the Royal Board of Trustees of the National Library. Since 2000, Lindo has been a regular contributor to the newspaper El País, where she has had a long career as a columnist. Her articles written between 2000 and 2004 in this medium were compiled in the volume “Tinto de verano” (2016).

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