Carlos Thiebaut / Philosophy Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid / Catedrático de Filosofía en la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

President and Founder of the Nexus Institute

Seminar: February 7th, 2022

The Culture of Liberty

Rob Riemen (Netherlands, 1962) is one of Europe’s leading intellectuals and founder and president of the Nexus Institute. To keep the tradition of European humanism alive, Riemen founded the journal Nexus in 1991, in which to this date he has published more than a thousand essays from intellectuals all over the world). In 1994, he established the Nexus Institute, that in the past decades has become one of Europe’s most prestigious organizations to inspire public intellectual debate about the most important subjects for humanity and society.

Riemen is the author of two bestsellers: in 2008 he published Nobility of Spirit: A Forgotten Ideal. This passionate plea for the revival of classical humanist values is translated worldwide into already over 20 languages (Arabic, Chinese and Russian included), and in 2018 he published To Fight Against this Age: On Fascism and Humanism, consisting of two beautifully written, cogent and urgent essays about the rise of fascism and the ways in which to combat it.

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