Carlos Thiebaut / Philosophy Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid / Catedrático de Filosofía en la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Professor of Contemporary History at Universitè d’Aix Marseille

Seminar: March 13th, 2023

The challenge of climate change

Agnès Delage Amat (France – 1973) holds a PhD in Romance Studies and is currently Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Aix Marseille. Her current research focuses on participation and experiences of direct democracy, and on the relationship between democracy and environmental and ecological political thought. In parallel to her academic activity, Professor Delage is a member of Extinction Rebellion Europe, an international, non-partisan movement trying to persuade governments and other political actors on resolutely acting upon the climate and ecological emergency we are facing. Some of her texts on these subjects have appeared in media outlets such as El País or La Vanguardia, and in collective volumes like Escribir la Democracia. Literatura y transiciones democráticas (Casa de Velázquez, 2019).

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